Thursday, December 12, 2013

I moved!

Hey there! It's been too long since I've posted (gosh that is the kiss of death phrase typed by every blogger whose site will soon meet it's early demise!).

He's what is happening in my neck of the woods.

So I moved! Yup Now I'm in Maryland...not far but damn if it wasn't tedious! I now have a home office which is a welcomed addition.

I would say that my work space is this clean all the time, but no one likes a liar.

Personal wall

My office is right off of the livingroom.

I love this poster!

baby me!

Art work from my baby girl.

...and speaking of additions we now have a new member of the family. Not a baby...silly. A cat. A curious, adventurous 8 month old black kitten named midnight. Hey, my daughter asked for a cat or a brother...easycall.

Say "Hi" Midi!

What else? Oh yeah, I am now Mrs. Maryland All American and soon to be (hopefully) Mrs. All American. I compete January 17, 2014!

Ok. so that's me- now on to the meat and potatoes (or just potatoes for my vegetarian friends). The reason we are all here tonight...What is on my DIY plate?

Project 1:
Our new place has these great windows taking up 2 walls in our living room. We get great sunlight during the day (and we are finding we lose a lot of heat at night) but it has been a complete and total nightmare to try and cover them. There are 6 floor almost-ceiling window panels closely gathered plus one large picture window in the dining area. Now I understand why people hire someone to do this job. My first attempt was curtains...simple darn curtains..So I get the first set of rods, too short, so I returned them and got the second set...just right. Then Curtains...I found a set I loved but there weren't enough of them (6+ windows remember)...then I found some I liked but they were mismatched...Then I found some I liked-all matched-they were too narrow! So I gave up for now on curtains and I have decided to do a privacy window project. I found a great pattern that I loved (at a price I love) and it is lovely!


the plan


find the project here: 7th house

but sooooooooooooooooo much work. I tried finding a die-cut to use but I have to trace a template and cut out by hand....suffice to say I'm going on week 3 of this project.

the spaces aren't uneven because I lack a tool to make a uniformed pattern, no. It's uneven because I'm extremely impatient. Admitting it is the first step to recovery. 

why soooo many windows!!!

Project 2:

I want to turn this old gown:


Into this:

Although the photo doesn't show it, generally speaking, the fit is similar. Fitted in the waist and opening to a trumpet. I'm doing this pageant thing and I'm thrifty what can I say....I wonder how it will work out..We shall see tomorrow! 

Commencing: Operation Swag like Eva Mendes!