Monday, January 30, 2012

Hola Ombre!

I think nail art is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to express yourself. I really love being able to change up my nail paint. For less than $5 (if you like Wet and Wild like I do), you can treat yourself to a manicure that is all you. Below are some of my recent favorites. One I would really like to talk about is the Ombre nail. This is a really fun thing to try. The next time you go on a polish run, litterly grab every color in the color set. In the store they are usually organized in shades anyway. Have fun with it. I am currently sporting Wet and Wild's "Wild Shine" colection in:

-tickled pink 402a
-sunny side up 405
-casting call 462
-dream poppy 429d
-Jezzabel  463

It's pretty spring like (pretty much commiting a fashion faux pas, I'm sure) but just the lift I need in the winter!

By the way, I can not tell a lie, I didn't try all of these variations. Please click on the photos to find the true artist behind the Ombre artwork!

Here are some other styles I love...again not my work-click for more info.

Dressed to the 10's!

 She looks so cute!

 I love this one!

Had to slide this one in since the original artist, Keith Haring, of the style went grew up in Kutztown, PA and I went to Kutztown University.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Micro mini offices

Often times in apartments, space is an issue. Office space is no different. Simetimes you are lucky to find a place with enough livng space to seperate your task corner from it all....and other times you end up with a huge L shaped executive style desk in your bedroom! (uggh. That thing HAS to go!). I have been toying with the idea of setting up a great place to work that can be easily tucked away. Here are a few of my favorites!

I have a pretty spacious closet that has unused space in my living room. Down side of it is that it is unused because of it's odd shape. Its under a set of stairs. Large enough to put a desk and chair in I assume! Possibly with a few items from ikea (A true German girl- love Ikea).

I will let you know how it turns out!

Beautifying temporary living spaces

I know home ownership is the "American Dream" but I have to tell you I LOVE renting! Nothing like knowing there is a blizzard on the way and you don't have to shovel. Am I right?!  However, just like Sir Newton stated, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Yeah, it's great to know that busted water heater will not come out of your pocket but- my goodness- unpaintable white walls feel "assylum-like"! My goal is share some ideas I have run accross to help warm up those stark walls WITHOUT signing away your security deposit.

Adding color to your walls:
Nothing like a splash of color to act as a defribulator to your room ::CLEAR!::

Over at, Jenni has come up with a great way to share instant photos with minimal damage. Using black ribbon, thumbtacks, clothespins, and her Fujifilm Instax210, She has transformed a simple wall to a mini art gallary! Genious! (wish I had thought of that)

Head over to for more great ideas like this one!

Wall color is wall color. Put it on the walls or if you can't put it on a frame collection then hang it on forementioned wall.

very beachy!

 doesn't add color but add great texture!

I love this color

 love this collection!

 More to come, stay tuned!