Thursday, January 1, 2015

New year, New you. DIY

East quick "tutorial" for the New Year (Happy New Year. It is 2015! Full disclosre, I popped the bubbly at 11:50pm.)

Bathroom toiletries are a challenge to wrangle. As a woman there are far more categories alone then there are items for a man. It can be full on war to try and organize your items. In my opinion the items you use to organize your clutter shouldnt be ugly either. I did what any woman of today would do and researched solutions on Pinterest. This is what I came up with as a best option.

To begin this project I used a Sterilite 3 drawer organization system in white. I purchased designers model antique gold spray paint from Michaels Art Supply (using a RetailMeNot 50% off coupon) as well as a matt sealer that I already had.

The first step of your project after locating the piece that you would like to spray would be to clean the surface. Although this part sucks this is going to be in the central part of your process. Next you will want to spray one coat with your gold spray. I actually used to paint the first one was actually a Krylon project paint that specifically said that it worked on plastics. It did not work for me.

What did work for me was designers blank antique gold spray paint it went on very smooth and it ended up being a better product for me. 

I also decided as sideline project to paint a metal bar chair that I had found in the refuse. You may see that in another post- I don't know you might get lucky. :p

Please ignore my icky carpets. This is where the trashcan use to sit. Post on cleaning carpet grime in the works.

Between each coat of paint actually let it dry. I may have used too many coats of paint because what I decided to do was to spray paint one layer of gold and then do a Mathe layer. Followed by a layer of gold...etc. I will say that I am happy with it. I attempted to paint the wheels but it looked like crap so I used acetone to remove the paint. I al ready see a bit of wear on the drawer track. 

we'll see over time what happens with those overall I am happy with my product.