Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas DIY: Twine wrapped bottle

I like wine. As a result I have some pretty interesting bottles around the apartment. I usually accumulate a few with plans to "do something" with them. I go on Pinterest for ideas, don't find any I like and eventually I get tired of looking at them (and feeling like a hoarder) and they make their way to the recycling bin. Well, I'm happy to say I have finally found a project that I love! This is very easy to do and I may do a few more! I would count this project as a "win" but I also want to share some tips with you to make it an even better success for you.

For this project you will need:
Glue gun
Glue sticks (lots-if you think you have enough get more)
Glass bottle
Berries from floral department

TIP: The first tip I have is on the Twine. Aside from the bottle (and time) I was able to get all my supplies from the dollar store. I purchased a 3 pack of twine from the hardware section and while it served the purpose- I paid for my frugalness in time. The Twine I picked up was very thin and sometimes had rough sections in it. I would suggest finding a thicker twine which I think would save time on this project. Because of my twine, my project took about 4 hours. I would imagine buying a better quality twine (and not getting distracted) could cut this down to 1 hour.

To begin you will need to squeeze a dab of hot glue on the mouth of the glass bottle and attach your twine end. Be careful not to burn yourself.

TIP: I have seen people use other types of glue. I prefer the hot glue because it dries quickly and spillage can be reused. If you have any glue that has squeezed through the rows of twine simply touch with the tip of your gun to smooth out or reposition your string.

Work your way down the bottle, keeping your twine tight. You do not want any gaps between each row. I chose to squeeze glue along the entire line rather than adding glue in dots. I haven't tried it the other way but I think it give you a smoother look and secures the line very well. When you are finished you can add any decoration to the front. I made my bottles to add to my Christmas display but I may want to use it after so I used a flat ornament and draped it around the neck of the bottle like a necklace. After Christmas I can easily remove the ornament and it will work year round.