Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Delicious (adult) treats!

When you go out for a drink, you (may) expect liquid. Go to a party and there are cups everywhere. It's standard...it's also borning as hell. My post prior to this one showed off some orange slice shaped jello shots. Genious- Pure Genious! That got me wondering what else I could find out there in terms of alcholic beverages. Hang on to your panties!

Over at Mixthatdrink.com they have tutorials on Vodka Gummi Bears and Rum Caviar. Both look very interesting. I would love to try the caviar! Click on the link to give them a visit.

Soaked in Vodka these guys can get the party started!

OOOH....don't mind if I doooooo.....:::nose in air::::

Allrecipies.com lives up to its name with Rum Melon!

Rum Melon!

Myrecipes.com offers you Rum Cake....a classic office party food!  ::wink,wink::

Enjoy...and if you make any of these, please invite me over. I will taste test for you!

Orange you glad?!

I just saw this over at failblog.org....I go over there for loads of laughs. I just found this orange! Think I will try it Friday night!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jeff,Jenny and Zoila-Oh my!

I will absolutely be flipping hanging out with the crew tonight! I mean-wine, and my best shrimp dish- hanging out. Only they will be on TV and I will be in my apartment....a girl can dream....

All jokes aside, I absolutely will be tuning in to Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis tonight on Bravo (9/8c). This crew has never let me down in terms of laughs and I can't wait to tune in. Feel free to drop by (turn to Bravo) if you are in the area! You will not regret it!

To promote the show they sent a team of AMAZING cabs out in NYC offering free rides. I love the concept and WISH I would have been able to take a ride. My favorite was the Moroccan cab.

::::I love this last one so much...I had to post the entire set::::

Okay that is enough pictures...if you want more "like" Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis on Facebook or click here.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Luminati de Flora

Okay so I completely made up the heading. Don't bother trying to translate. It's a mix of my sorry attempt at Italian and the text from a Fancy Nancy book.

Speaking of Fancy little girls, My daughter's birthday just passed and so we are in the process of redoing her room. She is currently still using her toddler daybed (crib without one side) so it is well overdue. One of the things I surprised her with is a lighting fixture with as much flare as her. I found the craft on various sites but nothing quite like what I wanted to create. I wanted to create a DIY Chandelier. I ended up using artificial flower petals from the Dollar Tree, A wire planter that I had laying around (tired of the neighborhood kids flipping over my inpatients!), needle, thread and eventually a hot glue gun.

I apologize for the poor pictures....really have to fix my digital camera...or upgrade my phone.

1. I started with the wire hanging basket and added a middle layer of ribbon to be able to attach the middle layer of cascading flower petals. One recommendation I suggest if you attempt this craft is to start with a basket close in color to your petals. Black basket and white flowers...not a good idea...but I was too excited to want to paint and wait for it to dry!

2. The next step is to organize your flowers by how you want to arrange them. I started with bouquets of flowers so I had to remove the petals from the stem and cut them into individuals. It doesn't take long at all.

3. Next start with your top row. I initially started by folding the petals over the top of the basket (open side) and SEWING them on. Yes it will be secure but my goodness it takes forever!

4. After my top row is done I hot glued the petals in a cascade formation. Think of them being like the monkeys in a barrel of monkeys game. They are only close enough to hold on to each other. For me each cascade was 6-7 petals long (including boarder).

5. I did the same with the second and third layers. My first layer was white, second was light pink (and attached to ribbon) and third was hot pink. In the end I attached a few clear beads I had laying around for kicks. May remove them since I'm not crazy about them.

In the end I had this....

Seriously, If I can do this-anyone can. All it takes is a little patience. Happy Crafting!