Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beware of Old Navy's "Flip Flop Day"

This message could serve as a warning or a shopper alert….either way- be aware that this Saturday is $1 flip flop day at Old Navy stores nationwide! If you’re looking for a deal it is a great time to go but if you’re not looking for flip flops and you just want to look around….avoid doing so on Saturday. This will not be the ideal place or day to window shop.

Warning: If you are going in that general direction Saturday be prepared for total pandemonium inside of the store as well as in the parking lot. It is common for lines to go to the back of the store and sometimes wrap around the perimeter for this event! Rita’s ice day has nothing on Flip flop day! Yes flip flops are usually only $3 or $2.50 if you buy 2 pair- but this is a very popular event none the less.

Shopper alert: If you are looking for a deal on summer shoes for a large family this is a great opportunity. The limit is 5 pair per customer and they usually have a great color selection. Really what’s better than knowing you have a couple pairs of flip flops to throw on you or the kids before you head out the door! They go with almost everything, are cheap enough to let the kids experiment with and if they get damaged...who cares! If you do plan to attend the event here are 2 tips:

1. Kids count as customers.
a. If you need to purchase shoes for the kiddies bring them. If they walk and can pay, they can purchase. I suggest cash for that method incase they decide to see each “payer” as a customer and do not allow you to use your card for multiple transactions.
2. Don’t look for size/color/gender fit. Just grab anything and get in line.
a. Old Navy adheres to its return/exchange policy during this time-not to mention after the mayhem they will have to restock all flip flops. That means the next day-heck the next week even-fresh pickings and short lines for you at the sale price. This is one of the best tactics I heard from someone in line last year. Don’t waste your time sifting through the piles of flip flops in your size, waiting for the next batch of blue’s to come from the back or worry about trekking through the thralls to get to the kids/men’s/women’s section. Grab 5 pair of anything and get in line! You have 30-45 days to exchange your merchandise for a like product -so why waste time. Just be sure (as with all stores) you do not remove tags and bring your receipt just in case.

…oh and yes, it’s that serious.

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