Thursday, May 20, 2010

Portfolio night is here!

.....I need a paper bag......

Okay not really but I am VERY excited! I am bringing my portfolio to view which actually contains: an ad about myself, my cover letter, resume, short article of my activity here on S.R. Henson Marketing, pull out business card and spec ads in Magazine format. Glossy paper and all! The cherry on top is the back cover thank you note and functional Q R code leading those with the capability (most with iPhones) back to this page for a refresher on who I am. If you scanned the bar code and are reading this- Welcome! Thank you for your time and effort.

Hey if your gonna go-go all out! I am waiting to hear back from the Linc on if I can bring drinks. I would really like to offer each person I sit with a cold classic coke-in a glass bottle of course.


"Things go better with Coke"
-Coca Cola offical slogan 1963

Portfolio Night 8 -Philadelphia, Here I come!

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