Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pageant Crafts: My Fashion Wear Gown & Contestant Gifts

So I am currently at the Mrs. All American National Competitions.....AHHHHHH....This is so exciting. So I promised a while back to post my DIY gown in white. (see previous post) I decided to go with another dress. I do not have pictures of this but it was very simple.

I decided to use a one shoulder black peplum cocktail dress and decided to add a removable tutu skirt. It all started with the sketch.

1. cut ribbon waist length (I made mine a little short to leave it open in the front.
2. sew 6 yards of tulle to one side of the ribbon, 19 yards to the other side. Choose which side looks better and sew 2 yards of organza to the underside.
3. At waist band iron the tulle as flat as you can and sandwich with two more pieces of ribbon for finishing. I left mine long so that I can tie it to anything.
4. Add a broach for detail. I went with peacock feathers...I was a little proud.

This is what I got:

Hopefully, I can get some better pictures. This will be the dress I wear for the Fashion wear portion of the pageant. Big fun!

I have also had to put together a contestant gift which is a small gift that you give to the other ladies as a gesture of good will. The value should not exceed $5 per gift. I went to my local (and fantastic) dollar tree and came up with a box of notions that could be of use during the weekend for the ladies.

I found the tuxedo boxes in the wedding section and filled it with 2 sided fashion tape, 4 straight pins, one Band-Aid, 3 bobby pins, 2 mints and one cough drops. I also included tissues but I wrapped them since they would not fit inside.

Well, I have to run to go to rehearsal right now but I will be back soon with another craft from this weekend!
Up Next: DIY Sashes!

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