Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pagent Sash Easy DIY

This weekend has been a complete and total whirlwind. I was named Mrs. All-American! I am over the moon right now and can't wait to serve for the next year! The women that I met this weekend were absolutely phenomenal. I am so happy to have been able to meet such great women!

Okay, so on to the DIY project.

My pageant started on a Thursday night and with it being a weekday, my husband and I decided we did not want our our daughter to miss school for a pageant. What kind of example would I be if I allowed that to happen?! Needless to say she was a bit bummed about not being able to go.

My mother also decided to take time out of her busy schedule to travel and help me get things together. My mom is such a great sound board when it comes to organizing my thoughts.

I thought it would be great if I could give them something to show my appreciation so I came up with personalized sashes!

My photos are not very good. I was attempting to quickly make the sashes while my daughter was at a wrestling seminar. As a result, the photos are not the best.

This was a fairly easy project. Your supplies are as follows:

1. 3'' White Ribbon (if you can find 4''
2. Lighter
3. 3/4'' iron on hemming tape
4. 1'' color ribbon
5. scissors
6. Velcro tabs
7. Iron and Ironing board

Step 1: Cut your wide and two strips of your 3/4 width ribbon based on the length below.

Teen - 62" long
Standard Adult - 72" long 
Large Adult (height 6'1"-6'4") - 80" long
XL Adult (height over 6'5") -  88" long
52" long 
42” long

Step 2:  melt the edges of the ribbon with the lighter. I do this by running the edge of the ribbon along the blue part of the flame. The white top is too hot and will scorch your ribbon. You just want to melt the ends to seal and prevent fraying.

Step 3: line the underside (not shiny side) of your colored 3/4'' ribbon with the hem tape and iron. Follow directions on the package. My package said to iron each section for 10-12 seconds so I moved the iron very slowly, feeding into the process. Tip: the paper peels better when it's warm so if you find that the paper is sticking to the adhesive run the iron over it again and it will glide off.

Step 4: When finished with Step 3, peel the paper off then set adhesive side down on the edge of the wide ribbon. I like to leave the edge of the ribbon out. I prefer the look. Iron again shinny side up (be aware of heat setting and material using) according to package directions.

Step 5:  Repeat on other side of wide ribbon.

Step 6: Now you want to add your lettering. I chose the iron on black felted lettering (not athletic). Cut your letters out. Tip: make sure to leave a uniformed amount of space at the bottom of each letter so that you can ensure that the letters as you have placed them are as straight as possible. Iron the paper side of each letter and let it cool. Flip the ribbon over and repeat on the other side.

Step 7: Let the letters cool and peel the paper off. This is what you will get.

Step 8: Fold the ends of the sash under and use more iron on tape to secure for a clean edge. Use velcro tabs to keep the ends together. I don't have a picture of this. I used snap closures but I do not suggest this for you. The ribbon is very delicate and my heart stops every time I try to open and close it for fear that it may rip.

This is a very easy project and I hope it turns out well for you too!

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