Thursday, March 20, 2014

Monster Mouth Britches

My daughter runs holes in her jeans like it's her job. She has this strange idea in her head that she does not need to change pants when taking her martial arts classes and instead just puts her gi pants on top. as a result I get these jeans worn completely through the knees. I decided to find a few ways to fix these holes rather than tossing them. This is fix number 1: Monster Mouth Britches.

To start this fix you will need:
Jeans worn in both knees (you can do one but I think two look better)
two sewing needles
1 spool transparent thread 
1 spool of upholstery thread
1 strip of colorful fleece the width of your hole. I used 1 inch strips and they do stretch a little.
1 strip of white stiff wool fabric for teeth
buttons for eyes
pin cushion

First, cut out any loose strands that are in the hole.

Measure your fabric length for the hole. Tip: Fabric stores may give you a sample of fabric for free. Joann's sample size is 1 inch wide. More than enough for this task.

 Turn the jeans inside out and prepare to stitch with transparent thread. I prefer the transparent thread in this project because it is very forgiving to sloppy lines and stitching since holes in jeans can be inconsistent in shape and size.

 after you are finished stitching the fleece to the jeans with your transparent thread turn the jeans right side in and this will be what you see.

 The next part takes a bit of imagination. now you need to form your monster. Use your white firm wool to cut out teeth. They do not have to be perfect.

 Place the teeth inide of the monster's mouth to choose the placement and when you are satisfied sew it in.

 I also chose to secure the long teeth to the bottom of the mouth as well just in case. I have a feeling that the teeth could curl after washing. I'll be sure to update after the first wash.

 I guess he wanted to help. He just knocked all of my buttons off of the table. Shoot!

 Secure your buttons over the mouth. I used the upholstery thread for this. I originally intended to make some Frankenstein like stitches but decided against it.

 Tip: It helps to cuff the jeans to make it easier to secure the buttons.

 This monster is a girl so I made her a bow. Using thread with a knot in the end, pinch a round inch of fabric together and sew through middle to sinch. After it's through the bow, take your needle through the opening before the knot and pull tight. Do it twice for a secure hold. Do not cut the thread. Now, take the needle and sew onto monster's head.  

Sew the ends down so they stay flat.

 And here is your monster!

 Follow the same directions for the other knee if necessary. My second monster only has two teeth and no bow. 

And there you have it, Monster Mouth Britches, Fix #1 for holes in jeans.

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