Tuesday, December 9, 2008

swagger jacked!

Okay before you mention it...Yes I used a term that I saw on the insider (http://www.theinsider.com/) So what! Is anyone really being original these days anyway?! Oh ANNNNND (again) before you say anything else, I am going to take up for a few celebs. Everyone is talking about how celebs steal style. You need to see and example of styles being "recycled" go here. It is a neutral source (great site!! kudos) and look up the feature De ja Vu. They have done my ....umm I mean their research. Seriously, stop coming at these people. They have lots of people telling them what to wear, what to say, how to dress, so on and so forth. If anyone is to blame it would be the stylists. Yes! I am blaming the stylists. Do you really think that Beyonce or Rhianna pick out their own clothing for an album cover or to introduce a new style. Its comical to think that when millions of dollars are on the line Def Jam says "sure Rhi Rhi, you can cut your hair, dye it black, and transform your whole style because you want to". Be nice if it did but it ain't happenin. They have people on the payroll for that stuff. So...in conclusion: be nice ya'll and stop picking on people because their stylist decides to bring back or extend a style because ::hint-hint:: they think no one will notice or remember that the originator has just been Swagger Jacked!

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