Friday, February 11, 2011

Its a new dawn, an new day, a new life and I'm feeling...better.

So update-a month shy of a year later- Although I received a great amount of positive feed back from portfolio night, there were no offers and no monumental changes brought on from presenting my work. But it was not discouraging. I enjoyed myself. I was able to be around people with the same amount of ambition if not more. I would definitely go again and look forward what is ahead.

So what am I up to? Glad you asked. I am still working for the same company as before but have been able to open a few more doors for myself by doing some uncommon tasks. I volunteered my time to help some other departments although extra pay was not involved. Took on some extra tasks without much more than a thank you and now I am in line to accept a new position. In the words of the wise wise Ms. Frizzle of the childhood show "The Magic School Bus", "Its time to take chances, make mistakes and get messy!".

I will continue to make things to go into my portfolio and while it may or may not lead to a design position it is something I enjoy doing in my spare time. 



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