Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fashion convert

As I have said before, I have an eclectic choice of activities and ideas so hang on and get ready for this one.

One thing I am taking a strong liking to recently is Hijab inspired fashion. I believe personally that the world has become openly and overly sexualized. You can see all that is meant for your mate on someone walking down the street on a regular basis. There are no more secrets it seems.

Hijab is given the meaning of modesty, privacy, and morality (and is also used to refer to the actual headdress often- I'm talking about just the fashion). I have held these beliefs for a while. The cherry on the top came when I stubbled upon www.hijabiestyle.com. This site shows so many options I just can't wait to start trying some. I LOVE this site as well as the modesty it promotes. While I do not see myself converting religions (or wearing the Khimar as that is a sacred item that I wouldn't dare to cheapen by immitating. Respect comes before fashion at all times) I do hope to see more young ladies convert their wardrobes to reflect the elegance and modesty shown here.

 I know I plan to.  I am posting/linking some of my favorite styles from hijabiestyle.com below. These are not my designs and all credit goes to the author of the site.

Into Fall....

Parisian Chic

Navy and White

Classic Boho

Ahhhh. Deliciously Modest. 

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  1. I have such a fabulous BFF who is well-versed in so many things....I am enjoying reading your blog and I am determined to read every post! Is this the blog that you talked about but you said you didn't want to make public? You should have, its a good read. Mo