Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Delicious (adult) treats!

When you go out for a drink, you (may) expect liquid. Go to a party and there are cups everywhere. It's standard...it's also borning as hell. My post prior to this one showed off some orange slice shaped jello shots. Genious- Pure Genious! That got me wondering what else I could find out there in terms of alcholic beverages. Hang on to your panties!

Over at Mixthatdrink.com they have tutorials on Vodka Gummi Bears and Rum Caviar. Both look very interesting. I would love to try the caviar! Click on the link to give them a visit.

Soaked in Vodka these guys can get the party started!

OOOH....don't mind if I doooooo.....:::nose in air::::

Allrecipies.com lives up to its name with Rum Melon!

Rum Melon!

Myrecipes.com offers you Rum Cake....a classic office party food!  ::wink,wink::

Enjoy...and if you make any of these, please invite me over. I will taste test for you!

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