Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jeff,Jenny and Zoila-Oh my!

I will absolutely be flipping hanging out with the crew tonight! I mean-wine, and my best shrimp dish- hanging out. Only they will be on TV and I will be in my apartment....a girl can dream....

All jokes aside, I absolutely will be tuning in to Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis tonight on Bravo (9/8c). This crew has never let me down in terms of laughs and I can't wait to tune in. Feel free to drop by (turn to Bravo) if you are in the area! You will not regret it!

To promote the show they sent a team of AMAZING cabs out in NYC offering free rides. I love the concept and WISH I would have been able to take a ride. My favorite was the Moroccan cab.

::::I love this last one so much...I had to post the entire set::::

Okay that is enough pictures...if you want more "like" Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis on Facebook or click here.

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