Monday, January 30, 2012

Hola Ombre!

I think nail art is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to express yourself. I really love being able to change up my nail paint. For less than $5 (if you like Wet and Wild like I do), you can treat yourself to a manicure that is all you. Below are some of my recent favorites. One I would really like to talk about is the Ombre nail. This is a really fun thing to try. The next time you go on a polish run, litterly grab every color in the color set. In the store they are usually organized in shades anyway. Have fun with it. I am currently sporting Wet and Wild's "Wild Shine" colection in:

-tickled pink 402a
-sunny side up 405
-casting call 462
-dream poppy 429d
-Jezzabel  463

It's pretty spring like (pretty much commiting a fashion faux pas, I'm sure) but just the lift I need in the winter!

By the way, I can not tell a lie, I didn't try all of these variations. Please click on the photos to find the true artist behind the Ombre artwork!

Here are some other styles I love...again not my work-click for more info.

Dressed to the 10's!

 She looks so cute!

 I love this one!

Had to slide this one in since the original artist, Keith Haring, of the style went grew up in Kutztown, PA and I went to Kutztown University.

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