Sunday, January 27, 2013

The making of the wand!

I stumbled across another blogger who did this...tried it...and thought I would share. I went out the other day looking for a curling wand. Being the DIY/ El Cheapo that I am- I started wondering, what differentiates a "wand" from a curling iron? The answer- the clip. So I began to wonder why pay $10-$30 more for less of a product. I went home and decided to try this on a curling iron I planned on discarding.

Step 1: With your curling iron off and unplugged- assess and remove the "clip" from your curling iron. In my case, the clip was held on by screws. I simply removed the screws on either side of the base (handle end) of the clip.


Step 2: After removing the clip I noticed a spring toward the base (handle end) of the clip. In my case this too was screwed in. Take note that some springs are just just inserted in a "pocket" type set up.


Step 3: Be sure that all clip mechanisms, screw, springs and hinges are removed. Lastly I chose to wipe down my new curling wand. I have had this curling iron (pictured) for at least 7 years. As you can see it has taken a lickin'- but since it keeps on tickin' I figured what do I have to loose.

Result: In my case this barrel was WAY too large to create the great curls that I see others accomplish, but-hey, I tried!

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