Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Resolution-2013

So much went on in 2012...all in sucked sooooo much. Literally from day one till minutes before midnight. I am determined to have a great year in 2013. How? Glad you asked! I have set the following resolutions:

1. Have one adventure per month
2. Earn more from my blog- be a "real blogger".

...sounds good, huh?

2 simple goals with great possibilities! So far I have done one adventure. January's adventure was to go to the Presidential Inauguration. Sounds boring right? NOT! This was defiantly and adventure. I mean we are talking huge mobs of different personalities here! Not White water rafting, I will admit, but no cake walk either! Unfortunately, my phone died very quickly so I didn't get too many pictures but I got a few.

our tickets!

All smiles...although I left my house at 3am to get to my mom's house to leave by 6:30am! So excited!

My mother and I on our way to our ticketed section!

The US Capitol on the opposite side of the reflecting pond.

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