Monday, January 28, 2013

Phenomenal Woman (or Man) Activities

looks like baby girl loves herself! Love yourself!

As people, we tend to feel the desire to be loved or admired at the least. Sometimes the place you need to start is with yourself. Here are a few Activities of Affirmation that you can do to boost your self esteem!

1. Choose 5 affirmations to to use as daily mantras for your life and set aside time, daily, to focus on them. These can be things that reflect your current beliefs or things that you would like to represent how you feel.

2. Fake it! Pretend to be confident. No, seriously. Even when false, if you hold yourself in high regard others will tend to do the same. Eventually your behaviors will mirror your "pretend confidence".

3. Work it! We are all really bad at at least one thing- but everyone also has one thing that they are good at. Focus on the things you are good out. Go out of your way to partake in activities that flaunt your abilities. Example: Say, you are an office worker but you love to sing and put on a show. Organize a Karaoke night and milk it!

4. Take a compliment! If someone one compliments your demeanor, your top, your shoes, your hair- accept it! There is nothing wrong with saying "Thank you". It will boost your day. At the same time, one good deed deserves another. Return the favor.

5. Give. In our daily life we tend to take our blessings for granted. You have a car, it doesn't come with a driver and heated back seats but it gets you from A to B. Am I right? There is always someone who can use your extra things or your time. Give to someone. Maya Angelou wrote in her poem "Our Grandmothers":
When you learn, teach.
When you get, give.
Heed her advice.

6. Surround yourself with those with your best interests at heart. There is a certain "charge" to your batteries that you get from being with those who love and support you. Make a date with a friend or spend time with family. It works and the feeling can last for a week!

7. Write down a list of strengths. Take time and write down what makes you special. Ignore all of your flaws and have a "me fest"! Toot your own horn!

8.  Have a photo shoot. Take a few pictures focusing on you looking great. Make sure you look good. Brush your hair, put on a good face, put on your favorite outfit and strut for yourself. On your worst day you can remind yourself of the fox that lies within.

9. Pamper yourself. There is something about setting aside time to just focus on yourself. No one else just love yourself. Take a bath, manicure your own nails. This is absolutely necessary in my book. No one can love you until you love yourself.

Many of these suggestions were taken from the book 48 Self Esteem Activities for Women: Powerful Exercises for Overcoming Low Self Esteem by Corinna Bowers available here.

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