Monday, July 16, 2012

Turning Pages

Don't judge the book by it's cover. Judge the owner by it's condition. just

If one were to walk into my home last week you would be greeted by this atrocity...

easy color coordinated bookcase by raeosunxine

which would garner this response from you...

...tragic. lol

To stop this reaction from friends and family- as well as make a better home for my family and myself- I have set out to redecorate my living room with a focus on the book case.

I have never been one to like the living room's focus to be the television. I feel it is wormhole of time. You sit on a Saturday to watch one measly HGTV show, next thing you know your entire day is gone. What  I do like is bookcases as the focus of the room. I have seen a few places online that have color coordinated their bookcases and I think it looks fantastic.

These styles look great, but when I was doing research into how this was accomplished I only found two answers. Actually organize the books by spine color or cover them. I don't know about you, but I haven't covered a book since Jr. High and even then it was an ordeal! That got me thinking. If only the spine is showing, why cover the entire book?

Well...I had a stroke of DIY genius this weekend. To coordinate my bookcase I decided to cover the spines of each book. How?

Duct Tape.

No, Seriously! This isn't your grandfather's old roll that he used (sometimes unnecessarily) to do quick (and cheap) repairs around the house!

None of this! Funny ones here

I found a wide range of colors and patters by Duck Brand and Scotch.

I settled on 3 rolls and 3 pens: 
Solid Black (Ace Hardware)
Solid Gold (Duck Brand Duck Tape)
Lace Pattern (Scotch Duct Tape)

1 Black Sharpie
1 Silver Sharpie
1 Krylon Shortcuts Gold Paint Pen

You will also need scissors.

I love the lace pattern.

I also started with 2 new bookcases. I choose to double up because I feel it gives the project a better look.

I simply held the book, spine up, between my knees. I was sure to cover all of the spine to keep this project from looking sloppy and used my scissors to cut the end. DO NOT try to tear this tape. It was created to be flexible but secure. It WILL look bad. When I finished my first book, this is what I got...

After a while it came to this...

Then eventually this...

Who knew a little duct tape could go so far! I am very happy with the result and  love the fact that it only took an hour and  half to complete. None of my books are damaged an everything flows! I accessorised my book case with an old rotary phone from my grandmother, 2 large chess piece candle holders from Target ($2.50 each), an anniversary clock I had lying around and a recently repainted giraffe sculpture.

I am very excited to see what my new space will look like when my gold accessories are hung and the new furniture arrives (read about that here).

Stay tuned for updates!
À bientôt!

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