Monday, July 30, 2012

Small Spaces with lots of heart

There are upsides and down sides to renting. Upsides include non existent landscaping responsibility (big in my book!), instant gratification replacements (water heater-fridge-oven out...fix it or I'll hold rent) and above all else flexibility to move with simply 30 days notice.

Lovely freedom.....
but wait
there's more...

The downsides include little to no permission to make changes, rules and regulations on how to live in your apartment (understandable but for some-still a downside), and unless you are a multi millionaire or the newest cast member of some "look at me fake like I'm rich" reality show- small quarters.

Yeah...something like that....(click for photo credit)

Luckily it doesn't have to be that bad. There are so many places on-line you can use to find inspiration. Would you like for me to share some of the tips I have found? Of course you do! Why the heck else would you still be reading...duhhhhh!

1. Declutter

No, it is not a coincidence that this is #1. Decluttering is the single best thing you can do for your apartment (and yourself). Carleen Eve Fischer Hoffman of The Clutter Doctor, Inc. says  "A moderately disorganized person loses about two hours every day due to disorder.  Multiply that by 260 business days and you get 520 hours of wasted time each year! How about multiplying that by a hypothetical rate of pay of $50 per hour? You’re losing $26,000 each year!" Sheesh, If that doesn't get your cleaning then just think of how much better everything could look if it had a place- and how much you can do without.

2. Light up the place!

Let the sunshine in everyone! Not only can it make you feel better to see a little light but it can make your room look bigger. Letting in light gives a room more depth and highlights dark spaces which would give the illusion of a room being cut short.

3. Use Mirrors to trick the eye

resist the urge to get lost  in the beauty of your reflection and embrace using mirrors for your room. I have seen time and time again where this has been done in a non-cheesy way. My favorite to today is the pictures above. Take a small kitchen an give the illusion of a grand kitchen.

4. Take it higher!
This tip is two fold. First, raise your curtains higher. This effect has the ability to stretch your room. The eye will tend to "believe" that the room is taller than it is. Secondly, Raise your furniture. I'm not saying to go get anything new, but if you have the chance go for pieces with long legs and no skirt. Being able to see more floor gives the illusion that there is more floor...get it?

5. Make it work!

I love Tim Gunn...
Last tip is to use pieces that provide multiple functions. Don't just get a coffee table get one that stows seating, Use stow and go types of furniture.

 Enjoy all and take this

to this!

Okay maybe not really...but we can all dream!

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